We know you will love what you learn. It's why we put so much time and effort into every one of our social media programs. But don’t take our word for it, just ask our students! Here's a few of their testimonials!

Boot Camp Testimonials

I thought the recent “Social Media Boot Camp” was a thorough and in-depth treatment of the subject of social media for small business. The presentation was fresh and engaging and the presenter really knew her stuff. I like the frequent use of info-graphics to demonstrate interesting statistics as well as the occasional live internet demo to illustrate various web functions in real time. I would recommend this program as well as others by this instructor.
Dave Luczak,
I highly recommend Be XSible’s workshops to those who are serious about building a brand presence in the social space effectively. They are a must for beginners and advanced students. Even though you think you already know most of it, you are guaranteed to learn something new. More importantly, social platforms constantly evolve and everyone will gain fresh insights on how to bring in new customers through this exciting marketing channel!
Eva Valentine,
The Boot Camp format gave me a better appreciation for what I do not know and what opportunities I may be missing in Social Media. As a small business owner, it is difficult to cost justify additional training when one does not fully appreciate the potential opportunities. The session was priced right and was easy to fit into my schedule. Thanks.
Angelo Cusinato,

Certificate Course Students

“My ah-ha moment came during a conversation with my director at work. Using the knowledge I gained from this course, I suggested changes that I thought would be good for our Facebook and LinkedIn company pages. When we left the meeting, I thought what I had told her went in one ear and out the other. A few weeks later I received a meeting request. In the meeting I was informed that they were adding social media to my job description and that I had 3 weeks to develop a presentation of what I wanted to do with our company Facebok page. I was told that I could be as creative as I want and to really think outside the box. I am hoping that this will lead to more opportunities within the the company. I appreciate all of Corinn’s advice and hope to continue to use it. Thanks for a great experience!”
Tahsa M., Summer 2013,
“I registered for the Social Media Marketing Certificate course to learn ways to market my small business and instead gained enough experience and information to apply these skills on a much larger scale than I had anticipated. I already considered myself proficient in social media, but I walked away from every class with a thorough and precise understanding of the features of each platform and ways to effectively utilize and tailor them for specific marketing campaigns and outcomes. After taking this course, I feel confident in my ability to leverage social media to brand, build a loyal and engaged customer base, analyze outcomes and achieve a successful ROI. I highly recommend taking this course if you are looking for ways to develop these skills and learn in a professional and fun, customized learning environment. Whether you are a small business owner or working as a marketing professional with a larger organization, the hands-on, applicable training you will gain from taking this course is invaluable.”
Amanda N., Summer 2013,
“The Social Media Marketing Certificate program taught by Corinn Hilbert took me from social media marketing ignorance to the “ah ha moment” where I could say “Oh,my gosh, I GET IT!” What had seemed a daunting area of marketing for me became a coherent understanding of the amazing opportunities available through social media marketing, its platforms, their audiences and unique platform benefits, along with its synergy with traditional marketing. The curriculum was infused with a cohesive mix of foundational marketing basics, research, examples and hands-on learning. The class also taught me that social evolves on a daily basis so you will be in a perpetual learning curve, but so is everyone else. I feel confident and equipped to take the information learned in this certification program and have already begun to use the information acquired. Thanks Corinn for taking me out of social media marketing ignorance.”
Alexa H., Spring 2013,
“When I signed up for these courses, I was a recent college graduate, hoping to gain an “edge” on my fellow applicants. I had been interested in social media and considered my knowledge at a highly proficient level. After the first day of the first class, i realized I was very wrong. The Social Media Marketing Specialist Certificate has taught me a whole new way of thinking when it comes to social media marketing. Although social media marketing strategies are not a “one size fits all”, I walked away from these classes with a methodology and standard approach. This course has taught me to look at the big picture and to not get caught up in the dynamics of social media. I highly recommend this certificate course. I now have a clear career path and a true confdence in my profession. Completing the Social media Marketing Specialist Certificate was the best choice I have made in my career. “
Katie B., Fall 2012,

“The Social Media Marketing Certificate course I took blew my mind. I left class each night with so much useful information that it made my head spin – in a good way! This course not only provided an unbelievable amount of up-to-date marketing and social media platform information, but more importantly, it shows you how to take that knowledge and knit it together into one integrated and unified approach to social media marketing. Corinn Hilbert has definitely earned my respect and admiration for her outstanding Social Media Marketing Certificate series. She is extremely qualified in social media and I am still counting the ways my company will benefit from my having taken this class. The numerous benefits of this course easily dwarf the cost many times over.”
Brad U., Fall 2012,
“Thanks for your great course on Social Media Marketing. I learned a lot and now I am starting a new company to fuse social media marketing with my years of experience with integrated marketing tactics.”
Bill B., Spring 2012,