We’re confident our social media certificate course will be a star performer for you
and we back it with an incredible risk-free licensing Ā program.

Long-term, mutually beneficial
You’ll quickly perceive from our course licensing that our goal is a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. Some colleges refer to it as profit sharing. No matter what you call it, we believe it represents a win, win, win for you, for us and for your students.
Fees that minimize your risk
You do not pay for our curriculum upfront or pay a large sum for a class that may or may not achieve minimum registration. With our curriculum, you pay per class per student enrolled.
We are in it with you
To ensure your success, we include the support you are going to need in your license fees. First we assist you through the marketing process and then we provide teach the teacher support to make sure your students are pleased with your course.
Always up-to-date
Major updates are performed at the beginning of each semester to make sure your program is always based on the latest techniques and best practices available. We don’t expect you to buy a course that quickly becomes outdated which is especially important with a fast changing subject like social media.
Set your own tuition
We understand that each community is different and that the tuition each college charges should be based on their student audience. No matter what tuition you decide is right for you, our low per-class per-student fees guarantee you’ll generate bottom line revenue.

Nothing to lose but potential students.

3 Focused Classes

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Class 1
  • 6 Sessions
  • 18 Hours
  • $12500per student
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Class 2
  • 6 Sessions
  • 18 Hours
  • $12500per student
  • Social Media Management
  • Class 3
  • 4 Sessions
  • 12 Hours
  • $8500per student

Complete Certificate Course

  • Course Prerequisites
  • Classes 1, 2 & 3 Above
  • 16 Sessions
  • 48 Hours
  • $33500per
  • Social Media Workshop
  • Class 4
  • 2 Sessions
  • 6 Hours
  • $4500per student
  • Complete Certificate Course
  • 4 Classes
  • 18 Sessions
  • 54 Hours
  • $38000per

Enrollment Requirements

The suggested maximum for each class is 10 students with the minimum for each class determined by the college. To receive free Teach the TeacherĀ support, the class minimum is 6. If this minimum is not met, Teach the Teacher support can be purchased separately.

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