Proudly offer a certificate for completing this comprehensive social media marketing course that provides extensive workforce training and career readiness.

By combining proven marketing strategies and social media best practices with real world business application, we make sure your students are prepared for a company position in social media marketing.

Proven Effective
Despite easy access to online courses, students have flocked to our certificate programs since Spring 2012.

Colleges who offer our curriculum fill classes every semester and earn 100% student satisfaction. As a result, this course consistently generates significant revenues.

Student Audience
Certificate course enrollment consists of four types of students:

  • Employees sent by their companies to acquire a social media education
  • Marketing graduates who desire a social media marketing certificate to qualify for open jobs
  • Displaced workers looking for a new career to re-enter the workplace
  • Web Developers and Marketing Consultants wanting to provide social media services to clients
48 Hours of Classroom
This instructor-led course touches every aspect of social media marketing. A curriculum this extensive requires 48 hours of class time which we deliver in 16 3-hour sessions.
3 Focused Classes
Because the course spans 16 sessions, we divide them into 3 focused classes. Each dedicated to a specific area of social media marketing.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Social Media Management

Offering 3 separate classes results in higher enrollment. Students with particular interests can enroll in individual classes while students who desire a certificate of completion can spread their financial obligation over the course.

Certificate Workshop
Your certificate means more because students must complete the Certificate Workshop to earn one. In this workshop, students must prove themselves by successfully applying the key learning outcomes from all 3 classes to real-world business.

In this workshop, each student must develop an effective social media marketing campaign for their employer or a recruited business. This campaign, complete with marketing strategy and implementation plan, is then presented to the entire class for final assessment.

Instructor Ready
Despite its length, this is a tested turnkey curriculum which can be effectively led by a social media or marketing instructor.

The class material is easily presented through a comprehensive slideshow where each slide represents a complete concept or theory. This same material is distributed electronically to each student.

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