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Cost Concerns
Certificate courses can require a significant upfront cost which puts you at risk. We remove the risk with an affordable license fee that isn’t due until class begins.

In addition to deferred payments, our per-class per-student fee is so reasonable up to 70% of tuition goes straight to your bottom line.

Online vs. On-Campus
The fact is there are two camps. Students who prefer the convenience of online and those who want a classroom experience. To satisfy everyone, both are needed.

Students who prefer online programs already have access to a variety of online social media certificates, many from highly reputable sources. Adding one of your own may or may not attract the enrollment you anticipate.

But who’s going to offer your classroom students the social media education they seek; you or the college down the street? Students cross district lines to attend a solid certificate course. Let us help you keep your district dollars in-district.

License vs. Create
Why re-create the wheel? The truth is there are excellent, affordable programs ready for you to roll out. You can spend hundreds of man hours developing your own course and hundreds more keeping it up-to-date. Or you can adopt a proven course that will:

  • Reduce your launch time
  • Minimize your personal investment
  • Guarantee student satisfaction
  • Lower your overall risk

Just search for the program with a great track record, the highest student ratings, and the most reasonable license fee. Then focus on what you do best, attract students.

Finding Instructors
Finding an instructor who can produce a course of this magnitude is next to impossible. Finding an instructor who can lead this turnkey, proven course is simple.

Chances are your school already uses a social media expert to teach basic social media classes. Or perhaps the SBDC has an instructor who teaches Facebook or LinkedIn. These are both excellent opportunities for you.

And if those aren’t available, there are qualified social media experts in your community. Recruiting one to do the job is easier than you think and we’ll help.

Teach the Teachers
Once your instructor is on board, we support them and you to ensure your program is a success.

Our teach the teacher services provides the instructional support they’ll need. We offer assistance and materials before the course begins and are available during to help with course and student questions when needed.

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