Why a Social Media Program?

Social Media Job Growth
Social media is one of the fastest growing job segments today. A simple search for social media jobs on careerbuilders.com or simplyhired.com tells the story.

The catch is companies require candidates to have real social media marketing knowledge, not just a familiarity with Facebook or LinkedIn.

Job Training Required
Employers are demanding a high-level of practical and technical social media knowledge. This can be seen by the skills and experience requirements of their job descriptions.

So employees wanting to keep their job and job seekers hoping to land one seek a formal social media education.

Students Seeking Education
Both the employed and unemployed are pursuing workforce training and career readiness in social media. Consistently, we see four types of students fill our certificate course.

  • Employeessent by their companies to acquire social media education.
  • Marketing Graduateswho desire a social media marketing certificate to qualify for jobs.
  • Displaced Workerslooking for a new career to re-enter the workplace.
  • Professionals web developers and marketing consultants who want to offer social media services to clients.
Colleges Prepare Now
This demand opens up an excellent opportunity for higher education. And in response, colleges are adding social media programs to fill the workforce training requirements.

As  universities and community colleges scramble to be leaders in this field, a certificate course is the most common addition.

High Enrollment, High Returns
Colleges currently offering social media certificate programs are experiencing high enrollment on classes with substantial tuitions.

Since Spring 2012, our colleges have consistently exceeded minimums and most have reached maximums with our social media certificate course. With an average of 9 students and a typical tuition of $2000, the math is simple.

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