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Businesses participate in the Social Media Marketing Certificate Program on different levels. To determine which level best meets your social media needs and resources, you’ll want to take inventory then choose one of the 3 options below.

Taking inventory: Effective social media demands proper marketing strategies and practiced technical skills. Some businesses need help with both; others with just one or the other. How would you rate your abilities?

Next evaluate your internal resources. Are you or your staff social media capable? Do you need more training to produce measurable results? Do you have the time or do you plan to hire or contract the expertise you need? Now assess the 3 options available.

Any option you choose produces a custom tailored social media marketing plan ready for you to execute.

Enroll in the Course

This valuable classroom series fully prepares the student to plan, implement and manage social media marketing for business. Taught through 4 distinct classes at your community college, you or an employee can enroll in a specific class, or all classes, depending on the knowledge you seek and the goals you set.

Select this option to become self-sufficient in the planning, execution and/or maintenance of day-to-day social media marketing.

Click here to review the class descriptions or click here to register at the community college closest to you.

Hire an Intern

Students taking the Social Media Marketing Certificate Program are required to use an actual business as the subject of all their assignments. Some use their employer. Others require a company to extend an unpaid social media internship.

During the course and under the instructor’s tutelage, the intern develops a social media marketing plan, builds the social media platforms and begins implementation. The business collaborates with the intern to produce the social media marketing plan and is expected to continue the social media execution once the certificate program ends.

Email to add your name to the waiting list.

Sponsor a Student

Some students want to use the Social Media Marketing Certificate Program to enter the social media job market but require financial assistance to do so. Here’s where a company can sponsor a student by paying their course tuition in exchange for social media services.

The formalities of sponsorship are handled between the company and the student and should cover the responsibilities to be performed during the course and those to be provided thereafter.

This option is a resourceful, affordable way to secure a fully-trained social media specialist to develop your social media marketing plan and have them execute that plan for a term you both agree to.

Consider viable candidates you know or email to see if there are students looking for sponsorship.

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