Then bring the classroom to your office!

In-office education brings our social media certificate course directly to you with some significant advantages.

Convenience     –  Never leave your office
Cost-Effective   –  Train entire staff for one fee
Customized       –  Tailored specifically for your business

It starts with a social media srategy meeting. Our purpose is to review current activities, determine SMART goals and propose the best marketing approach for your business.

The key objective of our social media training is to educate your staff on how to develop and manage effective social media campaigns and marketing initiatives on their own. The emphasis is on your business goals and which long-term social media marketing plan will best achieve them.

Social media education may include:

  • Principles and strategies of social media marketing campaigns
  • Creating your social brand and unique social positioning (USP)
  • Identifying your target market and buyer persona
  • Establishing social media objectives and goals
  • Develop a keyword and content strategy
  • Selecting the most relevant, beneficial social media platforms
  • Building your social network and  influencer connections
  • Learning social media platform features and administration
  • Engaging and connecting with your social media audience
  • Tracking and perfecting social media interaction and analysis
  • Integrating social media and traditional marketing

Social media platforms may include:

  • FacebookPages & Advertising
  • LinkedInProfiles, Company Pages & Advertising
  • TwitterProfile & Advertising
  • Google+Profiles & Pages
  • PinterestBusiness Pages
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