Then it’s time for a social media education!

Social Media ROI Elusive
The mass acceptance of social media created excitement and hope as a new, free marketing channel for business. Many jumped into social media expecting great things, especially ROI. But it didn’t take long for most to question its effectiveness.
Requires More than Experience
Most businesses use a trial and error approach adapted from someone’s personal social media experience. When you adopt this method for business social media, success is elusive and eventually you have to face your limitations. It’s at this point most realize they need to learn more about marketing with social media.
Demands Social Media Literacy
Developing and implementing social media strategies that turn into successful marketing campaigns and generate quantifiable results requires advanced know-how. It demands a full understanding of marketing tactics and an in-depth knowledge of social media platforms.

It is this advanced social media literacy that takes your social media marketing to that next level.

Where Can You Go
With so few educational options available, your greatest challenge is not in learning but in finding. So the big question is where can you go to obtain this very necessary but elusive social media education?
Well You Can ...
1. Piece it together by studying the plethora of information on the internet
2. Gather the basics from a Facebook class here or LinkedIn class there
3. Learn everything you need to know in a single, comprehensive course
One Option Guarantees
Only one option fully prepares your staff to execute and manage social media marketing strategically. And when you enroll in one of our proven programs, we guarantee you’ll receive the education you need.

Choose whether you train with others at a local workshop,

study as a student in our college certificate course or

invite us to your office for an in-office education.

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Social Media Workshops

Where better to unravel the enigma of social media than in a
focused educational workshop
with a handful of your peers?
Here in a classroom setting, we
expedite your social media education
and offer immediate execution while
you quickly advance your
social media literacy.

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College Certificate Course

This in-depth, turnkey curriculum combines learning outcomes with real world experience to fully prepare students for a company position in social media marketing.  Each certificate class has earned 100% student approval ratings and consistently exceeds both student and college expectations.

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Bring college level
social media education into
your company. This personalized
yet affordable training provides
your marketing team with a full
understanding of the social media
marketing right for you and the
comprehensive knowledge
to execute it.

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