Are your members piecing together their social media knowledge

from a plethora of unfamiliar sources

or  oversimplified classes and webinars?

Why not offer them social media workshops that deliver a complete education? In these workshops, we blend the practical and the executable because when you combine the what with the how you achieve better results in accelerated time.

The Practical – raise your social media IQ

  • Reach comprehensive understanding
  • Adopt select marketing strategies
  • Learn essential social media tactics

The Executable – master the functionality

  • Apply knowledge gained
  • Implement tactics learned
  • Generate results predicted

Workshop attendees are introduced to the most successful social media marketing techniques from our highly rated social media certificate course. Each workshop focuses on a specific learning outcome and includes key takeaways for immediate implementation. When we tailor these valuable approaches to the needs of the audience they carry even greater impact.

Social Media Workshops to Meet Every Educational Need

Workshops give those working with social media the opportunity to increase their social media IQ and improve social media results. They also provide business owners the key information they need to make vital decisions concerning social media marketing.

Boot Camps

Boot Camps provide a full understanding of marketing strategies and concepts. Due to their comprehensive nature, these workshops require multiple sessions to complete. Each session focuses on a specific learning outcome and includes several key takeaways.


These single session workshops provide general knowledge on noteworthy topics. Typically offered as introductory programs, Seminars deliver tremendous value to those challenged by the basics or just getting started.


Offered in computer labs, Hands-on sessions focus on increasing the technical knowledge of a specific social media platform or process. They increase the operator’s comfort level and introduce essential features to build and engage your audience.
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