Simple, offer our proven affordable workshops.

An Excellent Opportunity for Both You and Your Members.

Businesses are Stymied
While potentially an excellent opportunity, the onset of social media has created a substantial challenge for businesses. Today they must learn a whole new way of marketing and communication to compete. Yet access to social media education is very limited.
Seeking a Source
So these stymied businesses are seeking a reliable source to guide them through the social media marketing labyrinth. And from our experience, organizations that offer a comprehensive social media education become a magnet. Especially if it’s at a price a small business can afford.
For Cutting-edge Workshops
The social media education they need goes beyond the customary social media overview offered in the past. Today’s program must provide specific learning outcomes, real-world application and immediate takeaways.

This criteria and more is met by our cutting-edge workshops that are based on the fundamental marketing tactics and platform techniques we teach in our college certificate courses.

With Member Focus
Focusing on the member’s best use ensures they learn exactly what they need to be successful with social media marketing.

And while our general workshops teach social media from a small business perspective, our proven curriculum can be tailored to any audience.

No Ulterior Motives
Our courses carry no ulterior motive. We don’t mask a sales pitch or promote a product or service. All we offer is social media education.

Which means we don’t compete with your members or existing partnerships. As a matter of fact, our course often entices students to turn to your members or partners for the expertise they now realize they need.

Supply the Demand
But how can you supply this in-demand, cutting-edge social media education? Simple, partner with us to offer our proven, up-to-the minute social media courses.

As our partner, we can present the workshops for you or you can license our course and use your own, pre-qualified instructor. The choice is yours.

These organizations offer our workshops

to help members develop and implement social media marketing that works for them.

Small Business Development Ctrs

Thousands of local businesses count on the SBDC for real-world knowledge to be successful. Today theses businesses are faced with incorporating social media into their marketing. Why not complement existing programs with a social media boot camp that provides the practical social media education they need.

Chambers of Commerce

Today all businesses are challenged by social media and they want a qualified resource. That can be their Chamber when you offer the social media workshops they need to compete in today’s economy. And with every new member benefit you add, you increase the value that influences new and renewal memberships.

Professional Organizations

Strengthen your industry and help your members succeed by teaching them how to incorporate the most powerful communication tool available today. You make that possible when you offer a social media workshop that we customize to your industry for your members.
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