We expedite success by unraveling the enigma known as social media.

When you choose our social media education to master this multi-faceted medium, we directly and indirectly contribute to your success. This realization, knowing each of our social media courses impacts the success of the student, the company they work for as well as the organization that offers it, is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Our dedication to mastering social media marketing through comprehensive educational programs led us to be the:

  • 1st College Certificate Course in Chicago area

  • 1st Social Media Boot Camp for IL SBDC

  • 1st College level In-Office Education Program 

Who We Are

Began as Consultants
Be XSible began consulting small- and medium-size businesses in 2009 on the best uses of social media marketing. But we quickly realized long-term success with social media depended on how much clients learned and achieved on their own, or they simply became dependents.

And if that was true for our clients, it was true for every business. So we switched from consulting to educating.

Experience Proves
Statistics reveal most businesses who adopt social media aren’t well-informed or fully prepared for the challenges of marketing with social media. Our experience confirms this and our comprehensive educational programs consistently prove to be the right solution.

  • Social media has permanently affected how we communicate and reach customers
  • Every business must embrace social media at some level
  • Business use of social media is not the same as personal use
  • Millions implement social media marketing without adequate knowledge
  • Using social media intuitively rather than strategically significantly reduces impact
  • Social media platforms and their audience change constantly
  • Even corporations with vast social media budgets struggle with proper execution and ROI
  • Options to acquire social media marketing knowledge are limited
Education is the Solution
Once we understood a business’s social media success depended on their social media IQ, we incorporated everything we knew into high-level education. Today we are fully committed to social media education and those who take our courses enthusiastically report they are able to meet or exceed their professional and business objectives.

Our Education

The Advantage
Our students rave about our programs and our secret is in the education, in how we explain complex social media concepts and techniques.

As we develop our courses we strive to make the difficult simple, the education relevant, the content current, and the learning permanent. Plus we include specific learning outcomes and takeaways you can act on immediately to improve your social media marketing.

Our 7 Step Approach
We use a 7-step approach to build this exceptional education and ensure your complete satisfaction.

  1. Focus on superior courses that advance social media IQ and impact ROI
  2. Teach long-term strategies and proven techniques, not trends or hearsay
  3. Continuously monitor and update to ensure highest accuracy and efficacy
  4. Design each program to master a primary objective and/or learning outcome
  5. Emphasize key takeaways for immediate implementation
  6. Tailor the educational approach to the specific audience or business
  7. Provide exceptional instruction and support to students and qualified instructors
Emphasis on Marketing
Social media is simply a media channel. It may be the most innovative communication tool business has seen in awhile but it is still a marketing medium. And although this should be obvious, it is not always recognized.

We don’t just recognize social media as a media channel. We emphasize marketing fundamentals throughout our education, because social media devoid of proven marketing is ineffective at best. In our social media programs we blend the contemporary and traditional marketing tactics you need to achieve maximum marketing results.

Real-World Difference
In every course we associate solid social media strategies and best practices with real-world business implementation. By combining practical social media knowledge with everyday execution, we produce a higher level of social media literacy. One that endures both time and change.

Our focus on raising the social media literacy of business makes us different. When you consider our social media education is taught in colleges, in offices and in organizations, we stand out as the experts whose advanced social media education prepares you to succeed in the real-world.

Mutual Goals

Goal is Self-Reliance
Our goal for each student is autonomy. We continue to support all students by offering new and updated social media programs, but we want our education to prepare you to implement and manage social media marketing effectively on your own.

So whether we’re preparing a certificate student for a full-time company position or a small business owner to manage an employee posting on Facebook, we make sure our courses give you everything you need to be successful.

No Ulterior Motives
Once students experience social media marketing through our courses, many opt for more education. Even our Certificate Alumni meet with us monthly to continue their educational journey with this ever-changing medium.

But every one of our social media programs stands on it’s own. There’s never a “to be continued” or an up-sell to another product or service.

Dedicated to Your Success
Our dedication to student success is evidenced by the popularity of our courses and the testimonials shared. And we’re just as dedicated to the success of the colleges and associations offering our social media marketing courses.

Certificate classes have run consistently since Spring 2012 while reporting 99% student satisfaction. These facts speak volumes about the value of our curriculum and our commitment to the success of each college and student.